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72 cachers

Ministry of Defence (MoD) - Estate Land

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crossNot permitted


Ministry of Defence
Building 97a
Land Warfare Centre
Wiltshire BA12 0DJ




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We have received a written statement from MoD following the recent GAGB/MoD meeting in July 2013. In summary, Physical caches on MoD owned estate (freehold/leasehold) are NOT permitted and if currently in place then MoD request that these are removed. Virtual caches (including Earthcaches and virtual stages of multi-caches, Puzzle and Wherigos) are permitted on MoD estate where the public has access. Cache pages should give any appropriate safety messages.

Where MoD is not the owner/leaseholder, then they advise that they have no control over geocaching or other recreational activities and that it remains the landowner’s decision to allow geocaching. Dartmoor is an example of such an area.

We understand that MoD are intending to remove containers from their estate, whether geocaches, letterboxes or others. Therefore geocachers owning affected caches are requested to recover these where appropriate.

The MOD have not supplied any maps to show where this land is. The only land that can be identified is that shown on the 1:25000 scale Ordnance Survey maps. However even this may not be completely accurate but it is the best available.

A map overlay (.kml) showing MOD land, the Defence Estate where caching is NOT allowed, can be downloaded here.

The map overlays can be downloaded and opened in Google Earth which is a free download for a PC and also as apps for Apple and Android. (N.B. These maps do not form part of any legal representation of land ownership and are created simply as a guide to areas for the purposes of placing a geocache container or marking an area where these are not permitted).

Identifying MOD land on the OS 1:25,000 maps

Any caches submitted on land shown in this overlay (the OS maps) will not be published until the CO has contacted the MOD to confirm that it is not part of the MOD Estate or is land they lease (see entry above). Such confirmation will need to be submitted with the cache for review in writing (email or letter). Click here for help on how to add this as a Reviewer Note.

Click here to download the letter (pdf)

Area Covered


Last Modified

20th Dec 2015.


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