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Sussex Wildlife Trust

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Sussex Wildlife Trust
Steve Tillman
Reserves Officer



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I have been investigating the placement of caches on Sussex Wildlife Trust Land. Unfortunatly they have taken the decision to ban the placement of caches on the land they manage. Email Chain below

A link to a map showing all the sites they manage can be found here:


Email Chain - (starts at the bottom)

From: SteveTillman

I am afraid that is the policy for all of the Sussex Wildlife Trust sites.

From: Street, Chris

Hi Steve

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I am very sorry to hear of your negative experience of geocaching and that caches have been placed without permission. Unfortunately, as with all activities, there are those who circumnavigate the rules and ultimately spoil it for others.

Having grown up in the area I was hoping to bring others to a woodland that I have greatly enjoyed, however I fully respect and understand your decision. Can you confirm if this is the policy for all Sussex Wildlife Trust managed land throughout the county?

Once again thank you for your reply.


From: SteveTillman
Dear Chris

We were approached recently about allowing Geocaching on our nature reserves including Withdean Woods.

After some discussion both within the Trust and with Neil Doyle at Brighton and Hove it was decided that it was not an appropriate activity to have within a nature reserve.

Im sorry about this decision. Previously on some of our other sites groups have placed geacache containers without permission, which became dumping grounds for all sorts of litter.

This has unfortunately tainted our view of the hobby, which I feel is a worthwhile one in principle.

Steve Tillman
Reserves Officer

Area Covered

England/East Sussex. England/West Sussex.

Last Modified

3rd Mar 2014.


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