View Full Version : Camping giveaway......

1st February 2009, 08:02 AM
As *mouse* and I have recently consolidated our assets (lol) we've found that we've got a slight surplus of tentage....... so if anybody wants to try one of this summer's camping events, but doesn't want to invest too heavily in a tent for what might be a one-off never-to-be-repeated experience, drop us a line and if we're going to be at the same event we'll bring along a loaner :).
And if you really enjoy it, and we wouldn't object to being at the same event with you again ( ;):rolleyes: ) we may even let you keep it.....

Oh - there are three small dome tents (2-3 man), and one larger 4 man ridge tent.

12th February 2009, 06:47 PM
:cool: Where and when is that event going to be located exactly?