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20th February 2009, 07:39 PM
Worldwide Online Locationless Event Competition
On Friday 3th April 2009 at 20:00 CET

One off the goals of TerraCaching dot EU is to bring cachers together. This seems like a nice way to do it.
We will make 4 events this year, one every 3 months. The place to be is behind your Personal computer with your favorite drink. You can get in contact with other TerraCachers, discuss things or just chitchat.

This event is for all TerraCachers all over the world.

way to log:
Come into the chat and tell us as minimum who you are. Interact with the conversation would be appreciated.

most logged in TC.COM
After the first try on the 1th January 2009 we will also try to break the record again. The goal is to login with as many users ad once on TC dot COM. The attempt will start on 20:00 CET.

To make it more fun we made a competition. On the event we will make a internet puzzle available. The time will be posted before the event. This puzzle can be solved on the Internet. The solution off the puzzle will be the password for the closed chat. The server will log the time of logging in on the closed chat and will be used for the ranking. There will be a ranking for this event and an overall ranking for this year ( total of this year)


login the closed chat 1000 points

place- points
1th 100 points
2th 90 points
3th 80 points
4th 70 points
5th 60 points
6th 50 points
7th 40 points
8th 30 points
9th 20 points
10th 10 points

more information about this event, competitions and his prizes can befount on TerracCaching dot EU

url to listing TerraCaching dot COM has the code TCDCM

Questions and remarks can be posted in the forum of TerraCaching dot EU

5th February 2010, 10:25 AM
Is there any reference site???:ohmy: