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Mrs Blorenge
16th May 2009, 11:40 AM
Here's a poll, based on a bit of angst currently being discussed elsewhere...

Scenario: Your 10 year old child has their own geocaching account and you help them set up their first cache. You go with them and help choose the spot, help with getting the container OK, help them do the listing.

It then gets published! :socool:

But... do you log it?

Never tried setting a Poll before, it seems to have worked. Sorry about the spelling mistake but I can't seem to edit the actually poll options to correct it.

16th May 2009, 01:39 PM
I voted for "Some other cunning idea that I haven't thought of? Please explain :-)".

This is exactly the situation I had with my daughters cache "Conkers Bonkers" . I waited until I went there with the missus (we often cache together but logged the caches together under my name.), I let her find the cache with no help from me and then logged it as a find and noted the situation in my log at https://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=c6591029-b867-418c-b5dd-53acabde3e85

At the end of the day, who cares? the only person who can delete the log is the cache owner, who presumably won't do so for fear of having sweet/tv/computer rations cut ;). If anyone else gets uptight about it then they need to get a life :p I do think it would be completely out of order to grab FTF on it though!

Bear and Ragged
16th May 2009, 03:10 PM
Wait until the first DNF, then go and find it!

17th May 2009, 12:50 PM
Wait until the first DNF, then go and find it!

Ditto - or give it a few weeks

17th May 2009, 12:52 PM
No, definitely not! How can I "find" it if I already know exactly where it is?

So presumably the 3 who ticked this box also wouldn't dare log a find on all those traditional caches hidden under the only tree/rock/gorse bush within 50 metres of the co-ords either. ????? lol

17th May 2009, 07:34 PM
like others, after a period of time, maybe on the first maintenance trip.

8th June 2009, 09:55 PM
I've been out with arock&ahardplace when she was setting a cache. I have no problem logging her caches, but I do have two personal rules which I never break.

1, I never claim FTF on her caches (in fact I never go for FTF on any caches these days, as it would mess up GC.com member stats).
2, I never sign the log while it is being place, and only claim the cache after I re-visit it and sign the log.

Bill D (wwh)
8th June 2009, 10:34 PM
Never tried setting a Poll before, it seems to have worked. Sorry about the spelling mistake but I can't seem to edit the actually poll options to correct it.

Oops, sorry Mrs B, I've only just noticed that bit. I've now corrected the mistake. Better late than never... :)

9th June 2009, 09:07 AM
Wait until the first DNF, then go and find it!

Ditto - or give it a few weeks

Double ditto thats exactly what I did with my daughters first cache , mind you there were a lot of DNF's because of muggles at a nearby bus stop that was always empty whenever we visited :cool:

The Wombles
9th June 2009, 08:10 PM
Triple ditto - I logged my 10 year old son's cache on the first maintenance visit.

Mr.Coffee and the Coffee Clan
3rd July 2009, 10:06 AM
If you did log it you may be the one standing alone at the next Event get together. Bad caching Karma leads to many DNF's.

Lime Candy
3rd July 2009, 02:06 PM
I would log it but only after it had had a good number of finds. I'd probably visit it to do something like drop a trackable and explain the circumstances in my log.

Can't help thinking that if my kids did set up a cache, they'd never tell me the co-ords, they'd make me find it fair and square! :D

3rd July 2009, 05:07 PM
Not much difference to a "group" find on an Event walk, for example, and there must have been hundreds of those over the years....

15th May 2010, 01:27 PM
Smurf and I have both logged each others first hides just to get them off the list. We could have ignored them but there's no need to do that unless the cache is hatefull. For some reason we haven't logged each others 2nd or 3rd hides and he hasn't logged my 4th. We both logged my 5th though since it was an event.

The way I see it is if you only go with someone setting a cache to get the smiley then you're only cheating yourself. If you are a caching team with separate accounts then I see no problem with logging it after a few finds.

geocaching womble
1st June 2010, 01:57 PM
I'd log but I'd wait a while before I did though

1st June 2010, 04:59 PM
nope, I wouldn't log it.
In effect the way you described it makes it exactly the same as logging your own hides.

ignore list all the way.

18th July 2011, 09:55 AM
There are more than enough caches not to need that extra one.

22nd July 2011, 02:28 PM
Naah, I think it'd be a bit like loging your own cache.

25th July 2011, 05:56 PM
I would log it a few months after the cache had been placed, probably on a maintenance trip.

team mx
13th August 2012, 07:43 AM
I would log it but I'd wait until the local FTF hounds have had a go.

27th November 2012, 09:28 PM
If I set the log with my children (which I don't have BTW), I would not log it. I have, however, logged a find placed by a friend when I was there when he placed it. But I did wait until there was some questions raised about the co-ordinates so I went to find it as an independant co-ordinate tester. I didn't check how much it varied from the published, just advised my friend the co-ordinates of where I found the cache.

21st February 2014, 06:41 PM
I would not log it, I like my find number and trackable count to be accurate and not log a find just because I can.

Yorkshire Yellow
21st February 2014, 07:16 PM
Probably not - it would probably go straight on the 'ignore' list. It just wouldn't feel right.

23rd November 2014, 09:13 AM
I would consider it as a being the tester of a caches who's also allowed to log the cache after the podium is 'taken'

25th November 2019, 10:44 PM
I have seen this happen many times -
Also where husbands and wives with separate accounts go out and one helps the other place a trail using one caching ID and then the other goes out when they are published and tries to get FTFs on them all

Its not a treasure hunt !! - they know where they are !! - what is the point !!

Moira Crackers
26th November 2019, 06:21 AM
Slightly different, my son and I both placed caches and sent off for review and they came out the same day. As he doesn't drive he asked if I'd take him to find one of mine, not knowing someone was already out there doing my loop, we went for the first, but this was already signed, so we worked backwards and he found that with a clean log sheet, so signed and claimed FTF, afterwards finding out that this was a DNF for the two who were trying to bag all the FTF's before someone else in our area got there.............lol then I drove over to his hide and I found that and claimed FTF.