View Full Version : A little bit of tape goes a long way

22nd February 2010, 12:07 PM
It always amaxes me that so many cache containers are placed without any attempt to camo them in any way.
How often have you approached a cache site and instantly spotted the nice bright colours of the LoknLok clips or the clear plastic shoing up in the murky shadows.
There is no need to learn or use complicated methods of camo all it takes is a few strips of good old 'Black Gaffer Tape' to cover the sides and the clips and voila the bright colours are gone and the box will blend in better in that shadowy spot.
If you are going to cover the try and attach a label (puchased or home made) that states it is a geocache and that the contents are harmless. I often attache these inside the lid and leave it visible when I cover the lid.

22nd February 2010, 02:23 PM
better still replace your tupperware with an ammo box. I do miss them:(