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17th February 2004, 08:10 PM
Please vote to accept (or not) the following standing orders. Voting starts now, and will end at approx 8:30pm next Tuesday (I have to be out by 9pm!!).

Don't forget that if you look at the result before voting, then you'll not be able to vote!

Standing Orders of The Geocaching Association of Great Britain

A Elections

1. Whenever an election is required, the Executive Committee shall appoint a Returning Officer. It is strongly suggested that the Returning Officer should be a neutral party, and not a GAGB member.

2. It will be the responsibility of the Returning Officer to decide the form of the election (eg electronic online poll, by email…), and the type of vote (eg single transferable vote, multiple non-transferable vote…)

3. It is suggested that the election for Chairman be held first, followed by the election for the 5 members of the Executive Committee.

4. Results of the election (winners, number of votes cast for each candidate) should be posted on the relevant GAGB forum within 24 hours of the close of the election.

B Executive Committee meetings

1. Minutes of all Executive Committee meetings should be taken by an appointed member.

2. Agreed content of the minutes should be posted on the GAGB forums within 14 days, after having been agreed by the Chairman or other nominated Committee member.

C GAGB “property”

1. Members who hold any form of property (eg Domain names, Web accounts) on behalf of the GAGB, they will verify that they are willing to release this property to a nominated member at the request of the committee

D Recall Motions etc

1. If you wish to vote one or more members off the committee, then all you need to do is to raise a formal proposal (as described by section M of the Constitution): this needs the support of either 6 members or the support of “The Committee”, and needs at least 7 days notice (ie the vote will start 7 days later).

E Changes to these Standing Orders

1. These Standing Orders may be modified by the committee (within the limits of their powers granted by the constitution) without reference to the membership.