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Eclectic Penguin
26th May 2010, 10:14 AM
I see it hasn't been mentioned in this forum yet - a short time ago, a new coin was produced by the South Wales Geocaching Community - the Miner's Protector Lamp. Two versions of the coin have been produced - the lit and the dark version.



As well has having the necessary tracking number (starting with WA to represent Wales), each coin has an individual serial number on its number plate in the same way a real miner's protector lamp would be issued.

The coin is produced using two tone metal and the lantern is transparent, so that the lamp gear can be seen through the enamel (though not completely see-through transparent).

Unlike the samples shown above, the tracking number is curved to extenuate the cylindrical nature of the lamp.

This coin has been produced to raise money for South Wales events, including the South Wales Mega Event which takes place in Swansea next year. For those collecting Mega event coins, although it's not officially a Mega Event coin, this is the first of a series of coins that will be released by us as a community leading up to the Mega event next year - and is the first of a series of coins with trackable numbers issued beginning with the WA prefix (as opposed to PC for personal coin).

Currently, our online shop is under development but in the meantime, this coin can be ordered for 7.50 per coin at:

You may also combine your order with our second coin this year, that was released within a week of the lamp - the South Wales Golfer's Coin.

26th May 2010, 10:18 AM

Had mine a week or so now.

Thank you Eclectic!


Slightly Tall Paul
10th June 2010, 09:12 AM
I ordered 2 (both lit) and they really are beautiful coins. I'll pass one on to my father (a former NCB deputy, so he carried a real lamp) for Father's Day.

Also delighted to find that one of the two has the low number of 005.:)