View Full Version : West Indian Summer Camp

24th September 2010, 10:12 AM
Attended this brilliant camping event and had a great time.
Ali and Tim (*mouse* & keehotee) really excelled in the preperation for this one, everybody was presented with a poster on a stick so as they could write their caching name on it and stick it in the ground outside their tent which made life so much easier if you had not met them before.
There was a West Indian themed cooking competition, a geo/orienteering bingo game, a mark the position game and even a gnome colouring competition.
Everybody who attended had a great time on a pleasant campsite, plus the weather was quite kind to us, it even allowed us to sit outside in the evenings for a good old chat.
Sadly, Sunday came around to quickly and it was time to pack up and leave but even then the weather was kind as the tents were taken down in dry weather.
All in all a splendidly organised event for which Ali & Tim deserve recognition for, we will definately be attending next year's Summer Camp.

:applause: :cheers: :socool: :cheers: :applause: