View Full Version : Rare Geocoin Auction

21st June 2011, 12:16 PM
Hello everyone,
The 2012 NW Mega Committee have been lucky enough to secure a very special geocoin, which is currently being kept in a very secure location under armed guard. It's one of the GOLD DECEANGI coins, recently produced to celebrate our resident reviewer's 50th birthday, 25th wedding anniversary and five long, hard years as a reviewer!

These are not for sale anywhere, and are incredibly rare. We've got ours because Deci was kind enough to give it to us, on the understanding that it raises as much money as possible for the 2012 UK Mega Event! (http://mega2012.org.uk/)

:D :D :D Thanks Dave! :D :D :D

So - we've decided to auction it. You can view the current high bid, and place one of your own, at this webpage:

http://mega2012.org.uk/auction/ (http://mega2012.org.uk/auction/)

The auction ends on Wednesday 20th July at 11:59:59pm. The auction is private and completely automated. Terms and conditions can be seen on the webpage, and the bidding starts at 99p!

Please bid generously... you could be the lucky owner of a superb, highly sought after geocoin ;)