View Full Version : [Check4SPAM] RE: 06/08/2011, Cheshire - "Speed Caking"

DJ Splendid
17th July 2011, 02:21 AM
Just a quick note to drop details of an event I'm running called Speed Caking, http://coord.info/GC2WX9X on Saturday 6th August at The Greyhound pub between Altrincham and Wilmslow.

It's a sort of cake-centric 'front' (though fun in itself) for the real activity.... a full-blown caching race on a non-linear course of 21 loggable caches all interrelated by a cunning puzzle specifically designed for a race scenario.

I hope I can tempt some of the more hardcore cachers into a quality afternoon of friendly competition, just as much as I can tempt everyone with the promise of CAKE.

Details of the caches and race can be found at http://i.imgur.com/bgaBF.jpg

(Regrettably I can't make the links clickable as I have under 5 posts - a local eccentricity I have never seen before!)

Best regards all.