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Simply Paul
20th August 2012, 01:13 PM
Following the success of the Oxford 2012 Geolympix (http://coord.info/GC22T2T) last month, we've been inundated with demands to know if and where a similar event programme will be run. As you may know, our orignianl proposal (http://www.geolympix.com/pitch.html) to Groundspeak in September 2010 was for an annual, internationally-roving, unique-icon event and that idea lives on. As announced on the cache page last night, "The official word from Groundspeak (Nicole, Community Support, after speaking to Bryan - who attended the Geolympix - and Sandy) on various questions we had after the event: 4. International roving - I think this would work great, as it would be managed by the mega organizers, we would support it. We are checking on this aspect further." - We'll keep the caching community informed as to what - if anything - comes of this.

If nothing does and no international caching team come forward, wanting to use the Geolympix name as well as the ideas behind it (already being recycled elsewhere, which we think is only a good thing!), would there be interest in another 'challenge-based' Mega in the UK? It's proposed to be on July 28th 2013 to avoid Piratemania's regular weekend (no Olympics to clash with next year!) and give some space to Mega2013 (http://www.mega2013.co.uk) (August 3rd) too, and Snowdonia has been identified as potentially suitable area, with a good spread of caches, landscapes, things for non-cachers to do etc etc. There are even virtuals and webcams in the NW Wales area for another '11-icon' challenge.

Any thoughts?

20th August 2012, 04:38 PM
Sadly didn't attend Geolympix but I would definately be interested in something happening in North Wales.

Maple Leaf
20th August 2012, 07:55 PM
...snip..... It's proposed to be on July 28th 2013 to avoid Piratemania's regular weekend (no Olympics to clash with next year!) and give some space to Mega2013 (http://www.mega2013.co.uk) (August 3rd) too .... snip ....

From talking to Cache Hoppers at NW Mega, I think Piratemania is going to be on July 27th. It is traditionally the first weekend of the English school holidays (or at least their kids school holidays)

I will point this thread out to Liane & Mark so they can comment/confirm date.

20th August 2012, 09:56 PM
Congrats on Geolympix being such a success, we know how knackering and absorbing it can be!!

Thanks for pointing us this way, Jen is right, the date given out unofficially over the weekend was indeed the weekend of July 27th due to it being the start of the school hols and www.piratemania.org.uk being a child-friendly (maybe even child-focussed) event :) So we would be hoping to use that weekend as-ever, as we know that some families tend to book their holidays around it, and it also suits the campsite down to a tee. Of course, we don't have any "hold" over that weekend, but would be grateful for any consideration given. :)

Simply Paul
20th August 2012, 10:52 PM
Sorry, I thought you were down for July 20th 2013 - I think I read that somewhere? - With no Olympics to avoid, we'd happily move it to the weekend after the WM Mega; August 10/11th. It's tricky as there's only a 3-4 week overlap between Scottish and English/Welsh school summer holidays.

Three summer weekends, three very different UK Megas. It'd make a hell of a holiday for someone :)

As I stated above, this is only Plan B though. We hope the Geolympix will be elsewhere in the world next year.

The Wombles
25th August 2012, 11:53 AM
Is someone forging links with Brazilian cachers....?

Simply Paul
26th August 2012, 05:48 PM
It's a good point Mr Womble. I could be talked into a trip that way myself, especially if the APE cache is still live ;)

Until we hear something from Groundspeak, it's hard to know if we should be organising something, or they should. Or perhaps Berlin should, if it's the Geolympix after theirs (TBC). Still, no rush :)

Simply Paul
24th October 2012, 11:36 AM

After the rip-roaring success of this summer's Geolympix geocaching Mega event in and around Oxford, it was inevitable people would want to know what plans there were for it to run again, and where.

Following a meeting in Berlin last week, I can reveal it might be going there in 2013, if it's not wanted 'elsewhere'. So this thread now officially opens up 'bids' to use the Geolympix account (and its semi-automatic Mega status) in the UK in 2013. When in 2013, and where, being the big questions.

Although 'short notice' I believe it's possible to organise a Mega in a timeframe of a few months, if that event already has a profile and reputation (such as the Annual UK Mega and Piratemania) and there's evidence of a demand for it. The reaction to our 11 Icons in 11 Hours challenge, amongst other 'Geolympix Games' played during the event/s, makes us think the same support exists for a future UK Geolympix. My personal feeling is an Easter or spring half-term three-day (rather than the 2012 week-long format) meet in NW Wales/Snowdonia could be a winner, but obviously it can only go where there is a demand and support for it. Please let us know if this is you! There's been talk of a Cornwall/Devon Mega, or even an Irish one..?

In a separate question, the Oxford 2012 Geolympix (http://coord.info/gc22t2t) raised over 2,000 and it's still the organisers' intention that the three charities supported by the event/s get a healthy chunk of that, but we want to know this: what is the caching community's consensus on using some of that money to fund another UK (Irish?) Geolympix Mega? If the feeling is it should all go to charity, the organising team will respect that - it was our original intention, after all.

The Geolympix - Still Outstanding in the Field!

1st November 2012, 11:42 AM
As part of the 'caching community' we believe that all of the money should go to charity.

Simply Paul
1st November 2012, 12:20 PM
Thanks DP. As the majority agree with you, that remains the plan. Cheers for the feedback! :)