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4th March 2013, 12:53 AM
Hi guys!
Let me introduce myself - I'm a geocacher from Poland, I'm travelling for business trips to London quite often. I've already found some geocaches there, but right now, mainly I'm involved in preparing first MEGA event in Poland :)

And that's the main thing, I would like to invite you to visit Poland in May 2013!
I hope that you will enjoy attractions which are being prepared for this event ;)

Please take a look on MEGA's website to find more information about our event, region and attractions!

www.megapoland.com/en (http://www.megapoland.com/en)
GC3YCP3 (http://coord.info/GC3YCP3)

I'm hoping to meet you in Gorzno, probably the smallest town in Poland!



Maple Leaf
4th March 2013, 07:02 AM
I've verified and added the links for you.

Good luck with your Mega - and hope you get the numbers to get Mega Status.

Dates are: 24-26 May 2013 (Bank Holiday weekend)

28th May 2013, 03:12 PM
Hello again!
We did it! On Sunday's afternoon Groundspeak has upgraded our event to MEGA :)
Weather was againt us, but we were stronger. I'm not sure if anyone from UK arrived to Górzno, but we had lots of foreign visitors from Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia and Finland.

We've collected 530+ signs in our logbook :)

Main attraction, stratospheric balloon reached 25000m and lifted few trackables there. The view was simply incredible!