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4th March 2013, 06:37 PM
On so many occasions - for the last 2 months, since I started my geocaching adventures - I have seen some trackables appearing in some caches' inventories in listings but they were physically not present in containers. Such a trackable can be listed as active for months while in reality is no longer in circulation. And strangely enough, an owner of such a cache does nothing to resolve the problem, as well as a trackable's owner doesn't mark it as missing. And this does effect other geocachers like me f.e. in one instance, I had been driving lots of miles for nothing, only to discover that cache was empty and an interesting trackable I was after, wasn't there... Yeah, at lest I logged one cache on that day, so time wasn't completely wasted...:)

Is there something we can do to improve the situation? Any comments guys?

Maple Leaf
4th March 2013, 08:13 PM
I've actually mentioned this in the latest edition of Seeker (13) ... but I know that you only joined GAGB in the last couple of days so may not have had a chance to read it yet.

Hopefully, cachers will read this and give their caches/travel bugs a 'spring clean'. It is something that alot of cache owners don't realise they can do.


As a cache owner, and only if you are sure it isn’t lurking at the bottom of the cache container, you can mark the trackable as missing. (The trackable owner can also do this for the item itself)

From your cache page, click on the trackable item in the inventory. You will then see an option to ‘Mark Item Missing’. By doing this it will send a notification to the owner of the trackable to make them aware that is no longer in the cache.

5th March 2013, 02:32 PM
Thank you Maple Leaf, I will look through the Seekers :) Thanks for the info

11th March 2013, 01:25 PM
I must admit I didn't know a CO could do that. I've had one listed in a cache of mine for a while that definitely isn't there so I'll mark it as missing now.

Thanks :cheers:

Bear and Ragged
16th March 2013, 10:51 PM
If you find the cache, and the TB listed is not in, read the logs and see if anyone has retrieved it.

If not, it's worth writing in your log that you didn't see the TB.
Also worth a note on the TB's page that you didn't see the TB in the cache.

Both will help fellow cachers, as well as the CO and TO.