View Full Version : Where to find geocaching instructors in the UK?

24th January 2017, 08:37 AM
Geocaching instructors for youths in the UK? does someone have seen any? Where people that can teach children basics of geocaching can be found? There are several sites that could help, this one for example: https://zoptamo.com/uk/s-geocaching-c-uk but after entering Geocaching in it there are no results as you can see :(

26th January 2017, 11:12 AM
As far as organised approaches, it's a badge in the Scouting plethora of topics, so one good place to start is your local scout group. They have access to resources like plans and good activities to engage children.

Other than that the recommended approach is to just get stuck in - read the rules, be safe, and learn as you go. Children all learn differently and physically 'doing it' your own way is a great way to make it your own thing.

Finally, you can try orienteering groups. While not exactly the same - their past-time requires a lot more skill - there's cross-over and your local group may be interested in advising you, at least.