View Full Version : Question 4: What would be your Fundraising Ideas for the GAGB if elected?

geocaching womble
16th November 2017, 04:55 PM
I would like to know what ideas, the candidates would have to aid fundraising for the GAGB, and what they would achieve this.

Personally my fundraising ideas would be New Geocoins, having event raffles at the meet and greet with the committee members
Expanding the range of the shop to include GAGB Branded Clothing and other items that the GAGB may deem fit to improve the shop range.

16th November 2017, 05:05 PM
I would like to make pathtags and get branded clothing and maybe get a geocoin made like a lackey coin and get all the committee members on the back of the coin

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16th November 2017, 05:09 PM

Selling GAGB branded clothing, flags etc has been done in the past, the clothing is something I'm getting quotes for at the moment.

Raffles, tombolas etc are great if you have items donated, otherwise can become quite a burden on event hosts.

Selling ready made caches at events could go down well, something I'm hoping to try next year.

The large events like the UK Megas where a lot of behind the scenes work goes in to the map game, for example, makes a good return, so keen to see that carry on.

I would like tags to be sold in the shop too, again, discussions in process to get quotes.

The National Park coins are good too, I'd like them to carry on too.

Fundraising is not always easy, but always very rewarding

border caz
16th November 2017, 05:37 PM
Branded clothing and other things to expand the shop range, plus geocoins and tags, are all things that the current committee have in hand or under discussion - refer to the minutes of the most recent meeting for the current position here https://www.gagb.org.uk/forums/showthread.php?5983-Committee-Meeting-Wednesday-18th-October-2017&p=81837#post81837 - and hopefully the new committee will pick these up and run with them.

As well as fundraising, these items can help raise awareness of GAGB so serve a dual purpose.

Fundraising is needed as membership is free and we have to have funds to pay ongoing costs such as the telephone line and website hosting, it is also nice to be in a position financially where we can sponsor things like the National Geocaching Awards and the Mega events - again raising awareness of GAGB.

However, GAGB is not just about fundraising; the Association's objects are (very briefly) to enhance and progress geocaching as an activity within Great Britain and Northern Ireland by liaising with land owners, helping all geocachers to enjoy the activity without falling foul of the civil and criminal laws of the land, establishing good geocaching practices and being the first point of call for all interested parties in the United Kingdom.

16th November 2017, 06:00 PM
As Border Caz eluded to from the last meeting notes, I am in the process of setting up some different GAGB items using an online tool that i've used before to promote a brand and get some ideas of costs. We though have to be mindful that our funds are not endless and there are overheads to creating tags and coins and we need to get the best value for money, so we can put that funding we get to other good uses.

Griff Grof
16th November 2017, 06:25 PM
The shop helps raise money for the GAGB. We currently have cache labels, pencils and geocoins in stock. The committee has been discussing the idea of GAGB tags for a while now, and Kim has been finding quotes. Branded clothing was also suggested in our last meeting. If re-elected, I would help come up with ideas for new shop items.

Mega events provide a good opportunity for fundrasing as well. At the Devon Mega, 854 was made from coin sales, and 421 was made from the map game at our stall. We raised 164 at Piratemania thanks to our map game.

Publicising GAGB can also raise money for the Association. For example, I believe we received a donation from Halford's a while ago. We need an enthusiastic Publicity Officer on the committee, who's willing to spread the word about GAGB, our work and geocaching in general. It would be great for GAGB to have sponsors.

I agree with Caz, though - whilst fundraising is important, it shouldn't be the GAGB's number one priority. The focus has to be on the work we do, much of which Caz has already outlined.

16th November 2017, 06:41 PM
I'm going to stand out a bit here - I might be the most sceptical person on the 2017 committee when it came to spending funds to raise funds (coins cost a lot to make, and so on). As others have already said we're not here just to raise funds (unlike Mega events, we don't have a target to reach). I've consistently voted against (what I perceive to be) boring designs for tags, for example, as I don't see how spending money on them helps geocaching or geocachers - it's just branding. I'm not alone each time we vote, mind, but I am one to speak out about it...!

Remember that we're raising money from geocachers - by and large - so if we don't give back *more* value than we take, why are we here? So I'd like to see GAGB spending less than it raises, and spending that not just on operational things like the website and the helpline, and not just on sponsoring Mega events like Devon - worthy those these things are - but also spending some money on experiments and trying new things out. For example holding events in big cities can be expensive (especially if we avoid pubs), but might be a very good way of bring geocaching to people who cannot drive to a country pub. Likewise Adam R has occasionally mooted the idea of a geocaching take-over of a YHA - if we get enough interest (like 75% bookings) maybe GAGB can under-write the rest so the event can go ahead, and share in the glory (and/or surplus!) if it works? Once we work out what to spend money on, we can justify raising even more money to then spend on more things!

Oh, and I reckon sponsorship and advertising are great ways to make money. We don't mind the odd ad in Seeker, do we, if it goes towards GAGB funds?

16th November 2017, 06:50 PM
I think we could raise some money by offering commercial services.

For example charging a nominal fee for people to attend a "how to workshop" - Yes I know geocaching should be free and accessible, but surely people would pay a small amount to learn from experts, who have knowledge and can help them take a hobby they will enjoy and stick with?

Perhaps this comes more in way of sales of refreshments thank an admission fee?

A while ago I got the GAGB a largish donation for helping run a corporate team building event - perhaps we could look at doing more of the same?

Dr Evil.
16th November 2017, 07:31 PM
I feel branded clothing is a good idea, hoodies, shirts and beanie hats are popular. I feel geocoins and geotags can be a bit hit and miss and expensive too, pathtags are a waste of time as they are not popular here in the UK.
I feel Kims suggestion of pre made caches is a good idea being sold at big events, and the map game is a fun game to carry on.

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17th November 2017, 07:52 AM
I still think trackable tags would be a good idea, I have been asked numerous if we sell any as people prefer to send these out rather than geocoins which tend to appeal to collectors.

Branded clothing is an excellent idea. Mega hoodies are popular but not something that you could wear long term as they become outdated as each mega passes.

To be able to support Mega events etc... as we have done in the past means we do need to have a dedicated fundraiser within the team I feel. It is something that the committee have now committed to and we should be obliged to support future events such as these. So yes, I do believe that fundraising is something that the GAGB should focus on and in turn fundraising & supporting Mega events can help raise the association's profile to its advantage.