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Maple Leaf
18th November 2017, 12:32 AM
Reading back through the minutes over the last year (link to thread (https://www.gagb.org.uk/forums/showthread.php?5849-Committee-Meetings-(2016-2017)-Minutes)), there were sub committees created at the first meeting last December.

Sub Committees 2017
Sharon to be on all as she is GAGB Chair.
Each team will find own chair and communicate on forums etc between meetings
a) Web / Social Media Graham &Arthur & Kim
b) Promotional Materials Coin and tags with leaflets banners etc. Kim, Caz, Graham
c) Engaging our Members - Abi, Adam McCreadie, Arthur

d) Major Companies and Land Owners Involving bigger events sponsorship, land agreements, media, Megas etc. Adam Redshaw, Adam McCreadie, Ant Reid

So a question for those candidates that are re-standing.

I was just wondering how successful they have been and whether you think it is beneficial to continue with sub committees?

Have you achieved what you set out to do and has it been easier to communicate in smaller groups and then report back to committee forum between meetings. (and save time at main commitee meetings)

Griff Grof
18th November 2017, 09:43 AM
Great question! The way I see it, the idea of sub-committees fell through. I don’t recall hearing much reference to sub-committees in meetings throughout the year.

Rather, individuals were responsible for particular tasks as has always been the case. I feel like we forgot about it.

I really want to see sub-committees in place though, and I if re-elected I would be keen to help this idea work in practice.

Discussing and and advancing ideas between meetings would be easier in a small group, and it would make the meetings so much more useful. They should be about making decisions, not discussing ideas from scratch. Last year, the same discussions rolled over from one meeting to the next, with little progress in between. Therefore, it would be highly beneficial to have sub-committees in place, to make the process of developing an idea more efficient and effective, leading to the realisation of projects which are otherwise continuously postponed.

I should clarify, if this idea was implemented, it would still be highly valuable for the entire committee to provide feedback at each meeting, and be fully aware of plans.

Also, it would be fantastic to have a working social media sub-committee, as it’s impossible for one or two people to continuously be active on GAGB’s channels.

As I said in my manifesto, if re-elected I would be eager to help the idea of sub-committees actually work in practice. A firm framework and strong group leaders would be needed in order for this to work. If group feedback forms a core part of meetings (as it did only for the first couple, I recall) I think this idea would stay in place.

border caz
19th November 2017, 04:12 PM
Some sub-committees worked better than others, I do think there is sometimes a tendency to drift from one main meeting to another, with not as much get up and go in between as there should be in some areas.

Sub-committees can be very useful and I would like to see them implemented again so that some tasks can be progressed more successfully between meetings.

19th November 2017, 06:50 PM
Not a lot happened in my sub committee but should I be re-elected and placed within another sub committee I would make an effort to encourage communication and engagement within my group.

20th November 2017, 11:13 AM
In my experience with sub-committees (in other walks of life), they tend to succeed or fail very much depending on the people who are involved. If there is a good chair, then the sub-committee will generally succeed, and if not, then it will generally fail.

If other members of the sub-committee are not pulling their weight, it is up to the chair to ensure they do, or have a quiet word with them about standing down from that sub-committee. In this way you will get members who are actively doing things. Only if there are no committee members willing to take an active part in that sub-committee can it be said to have failed despite the best efforts of the chair.

Sorry if this seems a bit harsh, but there it is.

20th November 2017, 12:10 PM
I think they could have worked a lot better.

Hopefully, if I get re-elected they will continue in one way or another as there has been far too much not happening between meetings - perhaps they are needed for accountability and making sure we get some serious traction moving forward.

As few of us have said how we don't find the forums very user friendly. Perhaps this is due to smaller screen sizes and the ease of navigation?

Some way perhaps as Facebook messenger or even in the main GAGB FB page may be a better solution?

20th November 2017, 06:59 PM
I think that the sub-committees are a good idea you can share and discuss ideas, though i think that we have some what moved away from using the forums to discuss things as its better and easier to share ideas using facebook messenger groups. I know Sharon, Arthur and Myself have used this for when we have been discussing items regarding the website, and we have also used that method with the last edition of Seeker.