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7th January 2021, 09:14 PM
Hi everyone,

My husband and I are trying to build an online store that sells everything outdoors. We are currently in talks with suppliers of walking trousers and outdoor clothing.

We have recently found the joy of geocaching and have decided to branch out. We have been awarded distributer status with shop.geocaching.com in the states to sell the official merchandise here in the UK.

What we were wondering, what kind of products are people interested in? We want to stock the products that people would want and not just what we think we should stock.

If anyone would like to see what we currently stock our website is www.kitstores.co.uk

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Daz and Kyle

Sharon - Sharant
8th January 2021, 10:06 AM
It looks like you have a good and varied selection.

I normally buy, log books, cache containers and trackables.

8th January 2021, 01:33 PM

We just want to make sure we stock the stuff people want, our goal is to make it a shop for the people not what we think we should stock.

Hopefully we can get things off the ground soon!

Daz and Kyle

geocaching womble
10th January 2021, 01:41 PM
Compasses and ordinance survey maps are normally useful.
In addition pens, hiking boots, camping food hiking socks, durable outdoor gear and suitable things like gardening gloves and litter pickers for CITO events when they resume might come in handy
Tick tweezers are also important

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Griff Grof
10th January 2021, 01:50 PM
It looks like a great store, with a wide variety of items in stock. Some good suggestions have been posted so far.

Perhaps you could look into adding some GPS receivers and/or GPS lanyards? Whilst a lot of people use smartphones to geocache nowadays, there are still people who prefer to use handheld GPS receivers (myself included), so some cachers might be interested this (plus walkers).

15th January 2021, 10:03 PM
They’ve already been mentioned but a good selection of tools like tweezers are a good idea. You can get different types of tweezers for different things too

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16th January 2021, 08:05 PM
Thanks everyone for your helpful feedback, we have had our first shipment of logs, trackables, containers and branded products arrive (more products somewhere between the supplier and us)

We are also hoping to here back from some suppliers of outdoor gear soon so we can start selling that too.

Everything is now live on our website

Thanks again

Daz & Kyle

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