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Thread: An Invitation from the USA!

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    SerenityNow Guest


    Dude, Donde Esta Mi Chevy?

    Proudly Presented by:
    SerenityNow & Finding Fraggle Rock

    The cache page is up at GC12FP7. We are so jazzed about this year's event and venue! St. Sava Cathedral Picnic area has everything we need... a covered pavillion big enough to hold 300 people, electricity, a vollyball court if you want to get in a game before or after the event, indoor bathrooms, and a kitchen fit for our guest chef.... Chef Damon!

    As always, be ready for the unexpected! We are going to eat, drink (sorry, no alcohol), and of course...........CACHE until we drop!

    So mark your calendar now for August 25th, saddle up your burro (or load up your cachemobile if your burro balks at the idea of carrying an entire team on his back), and get ready to have time time of your life in Old Mexico, caching style!

    Keep your eyes on the cache page too.There's more to come! This year our totally awesome geocoin will not only be trackable on, but it will also have its very own icon. Details are nearly finished and ordering info will be posted very soon.

    Tshirts, by our favorite shirt dude... Tprints.... will also be available. Keep your eyes on Geochums and the cache page for info.

    As always, proceeds from all items sold will be used exclusively for the event.

    Dale, of Finding Fraggle Rock is hard at work with the Double Tree Hotel in Independence, Ohio setting up a block of rooms at a great price. The hotel if full service with a pool, restaraunt, and bar.Reservation details will be posted soon.

    One last thing. Check out the Geocaching Enquirer for more info. Oh, and take a look at the meanest, badest, hombres this side of Mexico on our Post Office Wanted Poster wall! Follow the directions on the page and you too can have your poster on the wall!

    Now head on over to Dude, Donde Esta Mi Chevy? and put your name on the list!

    Questions: Contact SerenityNow and Finding Fraggle Rock at:

    If you are interested in Geocaoins, read on! I wasn going to post twice but decided to role this into one big post to avoide clutter on your forums!

    They're Here!

    Dude, Donde Esta Mi Chevy? Geocoins

    Price: $8.75 each (postage additional)

    Payment Method: Cash, checks, PayPal, and money orders accepted.

    To place your order e-mail us at and let us know how many coins you'd like. We will let you know your total price and where to send your payment. If you prefer, we will bring your coins to an event and you can save the postage, but we do need your payment to hold the coins!

    Happy Caching!
    SerenityNow and Finding Fraggle Rock

    PS. There are two metals... black nickel and shiny copper! They are trackable and have their own icon!

    Visit our Geocoin Page!

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    advert not ( to my knowledge) approved by the committee.

    have a good one.

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    SerenityNow Guest


    Hi everyone!

    Well, Dude Donde Esta Mi Chevy? is over and it was a smashing success. Check out the cache page (GC12FP7) to see the pictures and read the logs.

    There are on 18 shiney Copper Dude Donde Esta Mi Chevy? Geocoins left. Get your order in before they are gone. Only 400 total coins were minted!

    To those of you who have already ordered we want to think you for your support of our event and we hope you enjoy your coins.

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