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Thread: Travel Bugs- should they be repeatedly moved by th

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    Jenny King Guest


    Does anyone else have views about a Bug's owner logging the bug on its web page at all caches visited by that owner without the Bug actually being placed in any cache. There is a bug that I have been tracking which I was first to find. I placed it in another cache. Since then the Bug has apparently travelled hundreds of miles but each time it has been moved by its owner often a number of times a day over a number of days. It does not seem to be left at any cache for anyone else to find. This is one way to prevent loss and ensure the Bug clocks up lots of miles-But is it really playing the game??

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    I don't see why not provided the TB really does visit the caches - I have done it at virtuals but made a point of taking a photo of the TB at the location of the virtual, and posting it with the log as proof of the visit as well as for interest. If people want to cheat by making ficticious visits that is a pity - but it's their loss not ours.
    Enjoy your caching!

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    Icenians Guest


    Perhaps they are using the bug as a personal 'Log Book'. I have heard of others doing that.

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    Chris n Maria Guest


    We have this bug which we move about ourselves just as a fun way of tracking milage etc.

    It's just a bit of fun.

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    Teasel Guest


    I think kidnapping someone else's bug to do this sort of thing would be a bit unfair. But if the bug belongs to the person who's moving it around then fair enough. They get to see a nice map of all the caches they've visited, the distance between them, and have easy access to a list of all their logs. (Hmmm... personal log books... now there's an idea...)

    Seems odd that they first released the bug into the wild, but then recaptured and domesticated it. But hey, why not? Of course if all TBs went that way, there'd be none left to find in caches, but there seem a plentiful supply of bugs out there (just over 300 sitting in UK caches at the moment).

    One great thing about geocaching is how everyone seems to enjoy it in different ways and for different reasons. I guess that goes for travel bugs too. Using a TB as a fun log book is no different than placing a cache exceptionally close to, or exceptionally far from a parking spot.

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