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Thread: Memory Map

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    Rebble Guest


    So okay being filthy rich I went and bought a memory map premier edition for Wales yesterday and it's a real larf! (even better after the 15% discount I got too :socool: )

    Esp. the 3D world business. So my question is where can I get cheap (if not free) aerial photo's that I can integrate in to the package (in addition to the photo map that came with the disc) :coffee:

    Also are there any free maps I can get off the web for this?

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    RogerStenning Guest



    granted this is a bit of a necropost revival , but here goes

    Have you tried either Google Earth or Google Maps? Both have overhead imagery, although I do have to say that those are heavily copyrighted, and you'll have to get Google's permission to reuse the imagery if you're gonna republish them!

    Failing that, have you tried Get Mapping?

    Hope this all helps


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