Nominations are now closed
The candidates have been asked to prepare a
Manifesto for members to read.

The caretaking committee did not really want to start the nominations for committee until the Chair nominations thread had had ample time to establish itself and gather a few candidates.

Thanks to Chris and Maria for getting things underway, but it is time some control was exercised here. The following list is constructed from posts on this thread.

If there are more accepted nominations for "Chair", the losers will be added to the list below under "Nominations Accepted", unless the nominee declines.

Current Status of Nominations List (in alphabetical order)
Correct as of: Sep 2 2003, 08:08 AM
  • Pending Acceptance
    • Lance Ambu
    • Postie

    Nominations Accepted
    • Kouros
    • Lost in Space
    • MCL
    • Paul Blitz
    • Pharisee
    • Team Paradise
    • Team Tate
    • Teasel
    • The Wombles

    Nominations Declined
    • Chris and Maria
    • DodgyDavid
    • El10t
    • jstead
    • Merman
    • Moss Trooper
    • Omally
    • Richard and Beth
    • SimonG
    • The Bramblers
    • The Cat
    • The Hornet

    Non-Qualifying Nominations (ie. non members etc)
    • Mollinis Crew
    • Nawtcher

Please post your nominations/aceptances/refusals in this thread.

Thank you