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Thread: GPSMap 60CSx - downloading geocaches

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    claroman Guest


    Hi - I am a new Geocacher and have just upgraded to a GPS MAP60CSx.

    I downloaded nearby locations from Garmin and they are in my unit as Geocaches to find; Great.

    Is this my best way to upload my GPSr?
    Whcih software is best for downloading frmo


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    nobbynobbs Guest


    if you are a premium member then you can get emails sent with searches of all your local caches which you can easily download onto the gps using easygps.

    otherwise then you can download each individually from each cache page. this is very slow though.

    i'm not at all envious as i have the old map 60c, just can't justify the extra expense on the new one.

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    dogastus Guest


    You should check out GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife). It is a great tool for downloading and organising waypoints. It's best used with downloaded Pocket Queries (.gpx files) from, but, as Nobby said, you need to be a premium member for that.

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