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Thread: happy birthday rebble

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    how old???????

    happy birthday

    have a great day, what time do we all meet in the pub?


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    Happy Birthday, *****...! (I was going to put your first name in there, but I thought it might bias the poll, hehe...!!! Have a good day!
    ​​Do not go gentle into that good night.
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    Rebble Guest


    Why thanks I forgot I put my birthday on the forum.

    Today I is mostly 4orty 5ive.

    I had a really fun day

    I had the day off but it rained so I stayed in and tiled the bathroom

    So have a drink on me :lol:

    :cheers: and some crisps opcorn: and coffee or tea for those who took the pedge :coffee:

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    Happy Birthday to our Fluffy White Kitty !

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    Originally posted by Rebble@Sep 19 2007, 07:10 PM
    I had the day off but it rained so I stayed in and tiled the bathroom

    It doesn't matter if it was raining - a day off in the week = caching.

    A few years ago, Paradiddle and I decided to always take a day off work if our birthdays and wedding anniversary fell on a workday. We used to go out for a nice walk/hike followed by a pub meal.

    Then in 2005 we discovered geocaching ....... so now we go for a nice walk based around caches followed by pub meal :lol:
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