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    simonp50 Guest


    Iam new to Geocaching and have a Garmin GPSmap 60Cx, at the moment I live in Saudi Arabia but will be returning to Northern Ireland shortly, which maps are best to get I want Britain and Ireland maps, not sure where to look or what to get, do I go for dvd or those memory chip things, as you can tell am a bit of a novice at this electronic gear, all advice will be appreciated.
    Many thanks

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i've got the same unit, to be honest i would save my money if i were you.

    the mapsource that you get for the map 60 is just the roads or the more expensive version has basic contours.

    either use paper maps or if you have a pda that runs on windows go for memory map. more expensive but actually useful.

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    molfrew-mosstoad Guest


    Yep memory map is good, we have been using it a while now on our PDA & are really impressed with it.

    Paper maps are definatly cheaper if your not exploreing large areas... (Did that make sense?) what I mean is for East anglia we have 12 paper O/S maps & havent covered the whole region at around 7 per map. Memory map is around 50 for a larger area. So if your intending on travelling far Id consider that.

    Hope that made sense lol

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