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    geofoxuk Guest


    Hi, I am a noobie to this no new I donít have a gpsr yet I am on a tight budget of about £100 to spend on a gpsr any advice please and tanks in advance

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    Hello and welcome to the madhouse the which GPSr question is the how long is a piece of string question for the caching world. However it is dealt with in detail Here , but so you have an Idea I have a Garmin GPS12XL and an Etrex Legand and a PDA with memory map software and I tend to rotate them as and when required. The PDA is probably out of your price range but the 12XL is an old model and available secondhand for around your budget and the Etrex is available in various models starting under your budget.



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    nobbynobbs Guest


    ebay is a good source .

    if you already have a bluetooth pda or phone with maps then maplin do a bluetooth gps.

    go for the most expensive that you can afford as in the long run it's cheaper , saves replacing it later.

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    geofoxuk Guest



    thanks for the advice
    can i ask a question
    with or with out maps?
    garmin etrex yellow has this got PC interface with cable as standard if not what do you think of the garmin gps 60

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    nobbynobbs Guest


    i've the garmin map 60c which i am very happy with, very accurate, just remember that accuracy depends on the person who placed it.

    mapping is quite basic, just roads.

    not a great fan of etrexs

    what could be a good idea is to hang on for a couple of weeks. there will be several bashes around christmas. you could attend one and actually see them touch them and make up you mind from that.

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    molfrew-mosstoad Guest


    Hi we have an E-trex yellow which we have had since starting caching. If your on a budget you can get the e-trex H Here at a pretty good price

    Ours didnt come with an interface cable but we got one from e-bay for a couple of quid

    We have now moved onto a PDA with memory map, more expensive and with the maps its excellent (again more expense) the GPS is not much more accurate than the etrex is but is less basic. I cant coment on any other models as most people I know are on the etrex, one has now found over 600 caches with his! . We were happy with the etrex but wanted to move onto the maps which do help no end when your looking for parking etc.

    Hope this helps

    edited to say that Nobbynobs' idea of going to a meet is an excellent way of seeing what you get for your cash rather than talking to a salesman who wants to make his commission! You can then decide wht you like.

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