A lot of the discussions latley seem to say stuff like "what about people who use Navicache" or "that only applies to caches listed on GC.COM".

As far as I am aware caches listed on Navicache have no approval process similar to GC.com and caches allowed on one are not always allowed on the other. Do we have any legitamacy negotiating with landowners when the guidelines, produced as a result, can only be enforced on GC.COM ?

Isn't it time we nailed our colours firmly to the mast and changed our mandate to be representation of our members using Geocaching.com in the UK? If you want a say in how GC.COM deals with UK cachers then GAGB represents your interests in the same way that if you want to have clout with your employers a union (or staff association) represents your interests (in principle anyway....lets not get political).

Just wondering what people think.