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    Hi Folks

    Got one of these SATMAP units for Xmas and the Specs looked great. The unit is quite easy to hold although with cold hands or wearing gloves find the operation a little difficult.

    One problem I encountered is that the unit is said to be waterproof although I have found that the OS Map SD Card ceases to work when being used in wet weather even though the door is closed securely.

    There seems to be an enormous amount of accessories available in the form of bike mounts, power options (I run mine on Duracell Ultas) etc.

    Any one else have any experience of these units ??????

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    No idea about them i'm afraid. all i can say is that if it's meant to be waterproof and it's already proving tempramental then i would consider contacting the shop as it might just be a duff one. better to get a replacement now than later when they might not agree.

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