Mandy of Us 4 and Jess has asked me to copy the thread on about UK Mega Event calendars here - I can't really do that, but I've pasted her original post below, and the thread is here

Now that there is a definite date for the Mega Event I will run this thread again.

Hopefully the sales from the Geocoins and the calendars will go some way to helping the costs of the event.

These are the details I have been asked to give:

There will be 150 calendars printed (first come first served)

The calendars will be 7.00 (all profits from the sale will be given to the Mega Event Committee)

The calendars WILL NOT be posted out, they must be collected from the Mega Event

This a 2009 calendar.

As usual I will need good quality photographs (not too much black in them please) if you have any good photos let me know through our profile, they dont need to be at a cache site for this one, there is a thread at the moment with excellent photos on so we know there are plenty about.

Payment is to me, preferably by PayPal, please add your caching team name to any payments, please email us through our profile for details.

Please help to support the Mega Event.



Bill, Chairman GAGB