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Thread: Suggested Handheld GPS Unit

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    UKtrvl Guest


    I am looking for a handheld GPS unit that I can use in the UK but can also be used in the rest of Europe as I travel a lot.

    Are there any that don't require spending a lot of money to purchase many different maps?



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    nobbynobbs Guest


    You can get any of the Garmin range as you can use the more expensive map60cx without getting the maps but it would be somewhat pointless.

    All units will obviously work in Europe as well as here.

    Ebay is a good place to find second hand units.

    global positioning systems is a site often used by cachers.

    Basically you have to decide how much you can afford, spend as much as you can as the unit will be better. The new 'h' series have better reception.

    Sorry that this is not definative. If there's an event coming up near you go to that and see them in use. Most cachers will be happy to show you to help you decide.

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