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Thread: Help gettig gpx pocket queries

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    shane10x Guest


    i seem to be having problems with pocket queries i make the query and sellect gpx at the end it says it will email it to me. But it never turns up. When i view the query on the pc i can see them so i place the tick in the boxes on the right and ask it down load, it says it will be .loc file is there any way to change it back to gpx file i am a Premium member so there should be no problem. I have to down load one gpx at at time its realy a pain please some one help i need to down load more than one gpx at once, i belive thats what you are all doing ????? :wacko:

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    A bit obvious maybe but have you checked that its being sent to the right email address or your spam bin in case its going there

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    shane10x Guest


    yes i have the email set right and there is nothing in the spam i take it, it should come straight away or does it take some time to arrive. I have also tried the alternate email and that still never arrived. But thanks for the reply anyone one else able to help?

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    Near the top of the query page, have you either checked the radio button for "Run this query every week on the days checked" and also ticked the box for today, or checked "Run this query once then delete it"?

    If you tick the box for a particular day, remember that if it's the early hours on Sunday morning here, it's still Saturday in the States, and so on.

    Yes, a new PQ should be sent pretty well straight away.
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    nobbynobbs Guest


    sounds like your trying to download from the preview page.

    check what bill said and hopefully one will come through. what days did you select it to come?

    if you did the request on friday and asked for it on friday chances are it'll be next friday it comes.

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    shane10x Guest

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    Thanks for the help you placed I think the problem was with the dates it,s working good now. Many thanks to you all that replied

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