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Thread: Manifesto?

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    BugznElm'r Guest


    Some of the recent answers to posts have been very interesting and one thing I think they have shown is different attitudes to geocaching, guidelines, policing and so on. With the attitudes and values of those on the nomination list likely to influence or indeed radically affect the future of geocaching in the UK should we not have some sort of manifesto from candidates standing? If that seems like too much hard work (and it might be) how about we draw up a list of questions so we can see where each stand on the topics that matter to us?

    Equally, with recent debate over approvers interpretation of the guidelines and addition of elements to the approving process, should the same not equally apply to future approvers - especially if they are GAGB members?

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    MCL Guest


    I'd go with the questions idea...

    Second point, no, we don't have any jurisdiction over the appointment of approvers on any of the listings sites, and I don't think we want to either. Since we have no jurisdiction, it therefore becomes superfluous to start generating manifestos or the like for those people who we think might want the job of approver. In fact, the next approver appointed by GC.COM or navicache, might not even be a member on here. They might not even live in the UK.

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