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Thread: New Maps from groundspeak 4 cache pages.

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    fraggle69 Guest

    Default New Maps from groundspeak 4 cache pages.

    Do my eyes deceive me, it looks ok I guess. Not sure about the americanism 'neibourhood' view lol. Maybe a + & - would suffice there. Dunno what it's like in firefox!

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    FollowMeChaps Guest


    I'm a Firefox user but I also use the Greasemonkey scripts to amend the maps to OS ones. This new release has screwed the scripts so until the likes of Edgemaster tweaks them I'm stuck with these newer Google ones.

    I agree a +/- would have been far better.

    Edited to add: I've just noticed on the other forum that Edgemaster has already picked this up so will hopefully be fixed soon

    PS: If you are not using Firefox then give it a try, it's free. IMHO it's far better for geocaching, and all surfing for that matter, and is far more secure from attack than Microsoft's Explorer. See the link I've already given above for a step by step idiot guide.
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    molfrew-mosstoad Guest


    Well its a big improvement on what was thee but like Followmechaps I use Firefox & scripts for much of of caching needs.

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    Yes, I use Firefox too, so at the moment I'm seeing diddley... Good to hear that Edgemaster's working on it, though!
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