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Thread: Help with identifying a moth

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    Default Help with identifying a moth

    I was caching in Craven Arms, Shropshire (here) today and right next to a cache I found a couple of lovely moths. I've no idea what they were so if anyone knows I'd be very grateful to find out.

    Here's a couple of pictures:

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    Tshirt Guest


    I think they are lime green hawk moths
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    Lactodorum Guest


    According to Simply Paul here it's a Pandora Sphinx moth.

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    Tshirt Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Lactodorum View Post
    According to Simply Paul here it's a Pandora Sphinx moth.
    Try this link

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    Tshirt Guest


    looking at the link paul gave I have to agree

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    Lactodorum Guest


    Looking closer they were Lime Hawk-moth Mimas tiliae. See here Thanks for all the suggestions.

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    Lime Hawk Moth. Mimas Tiliae- British species.
    May June - please note that patches in forewings can be variable. Caterpillar when fully grown is quite majestic .
    Does feed on trees other than Lime -Elm and Alder

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