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Thread: Handtec, anyone used them?

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    pklong Guest

    Default Handtec, anyone used them?

    Ordered a new PDA from them, paid for next day delivery, nothing. Phoned them up 'sorry there is a stock error on our web site, it's actually out of stock' and ever since the delivery date has kept on slipping. The PDA is still shown as in stock on their website...


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    molfrew-mosstoad Guest


    We got our PDA from thereand yes it also showed as in stock but wasnt. It was a very good price around 50 cheaper than anywhere else was at the time :socool: so I didnt mind the delay but I had a big moan at them and it arrived soon after, but, if my memory serves me correctly it was more like a week wait than "next day delivery" . It was a while ago now so dont quote me.

    I do know of someone else who ordered a pda from them and as far as Im aware they had no trouble.

    Hope you get sorted soon

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    dino Guest


    I think I used them for PDA accessories before but can't recall a problem with them. Sounds like they buy to order to keep the price down and they've been caught out?

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    I got my Colorado from them. It arrived the day after the next day; as I had missed the time cutoff for delivery the next day. I think that makes sense,

    To answer your question no problems quick delivery. there that makes more sense :wacko:

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    pklong Guest


    Thanks for your reassurance everyone, it has arrived safe and sound today


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    Had good service from Handtec, great price and prompt delivery... plus quick email response to queries too.

    I've used quite a few times for extras and they have always been fantastic to deal with.

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    Scoff Cruddle Guest


    Glad this topic came up. I had decided on a Colorado and Handtec seemed be one of the cheapest suppliers around, with the most suitable delivery options for me personally. I hadn't heard of them so was a bit dubious, but reading this thread convinced me to buy from them.
    Everything went smoothly, and I now have my new Colorado. :socool:

    So thanks again.

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    Had a look at Handtec due to to this thread and used them to buy a new unit.
    Went for a 60csx and Topo maps.

    Ordered Monday night...
    GPS turned up on Wednesday - first thing
    Maps turned up on Friday.

    Excellent service. :socool:
    Happy Caching


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