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Thread: Sadness & Healing GC137PM

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    Default Sadness & Healing GC137PM

    Dear all,

    I'm hoping for some back ground information.

    Ok, this will only be hopefully my 10th cache as only started recently. But GC137PM Sadness & Healing adopted by Windy Corner from EspritS3 has raised my interest.

    I believe EspritS3 is no longer with us but reading the write up it touched a chord with me. Not least because like me he was and I am a keen racing cyclist. I shall be cycling there tomorrow.

    Does anyone have any background details on EspritS3 and like to share with us before I visit the cache tomorrow?
    Ho hum!

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    Robert is alive and well, he has just become disenchanted with the pastime and has therefore completely quit the hobby.

    Id guess he is watching his former caches though.
    "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to serve as a horrible warning."

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    Default That's a shame.

    I'm starting and he quit.

    On my long winter rides I must have gone past this spot 100's of times.
    Ho hum!

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