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Thread: WTF? photos

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    fraggle69 Guest

    Default WTF? photos

    After an exciting weekend at Piratemania 2008, I was keen to upload my photos to

    Does anybody know what the hell they're playing at?? It is even more of a chore to upload and view photos on the new site.

    Are things still being worked on, or is this what our money is paying for(buggy features)?

    It would have been better if they released something that worked rather than giving us dribs and drabs at a time, and I still hate the way the page refreshes everytime you decipher the hint. grr

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    sTeamTraen Guest


    The image server is being upgraded (bigger disks), which takes a little while given the millions of files and terabytes of data involved. Nothing to do with last week's site upgrade; just regular daily operations. It's the kind of thing we'd do at the weekend at my work, but's quietest day is probably Wednesday.

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    If you have a load of them, upload them to flickr (easy to get a new free account) then post a link to them on the event page via a Write Note log. PuP is linking them all up on the NWCaching forums - some beltin' ones on there

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