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Thread: GC19YRB ...Farewell Dirgers - FME

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    fraggle69 Guest

    Default GC19YRB ...Farewell Dirgers - FME

    PM me if you wanna know what was censored lol.
    Ok just another FME by me, this time in Yorkshire. PLease bring out your monster costumes and parade around the stone, get some sweets take part in a 'freee' raffle and go home with a chill and a smile!

    The cache page will be updated in due course with more happy monster info. Any questions, drop me a line.

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    Pyoung1s Guest


    Stand by for what could be the first in a series of serious walking events! Providing you up to it you are invited to join us on our stroll across to the other side of the land after flash mobbing the stone h34r: that marks one end of the Lyke Wake Walk. 40 miles away near Ravenscar is a trigpoint which marks the other end of Lyke Wake Walk. The plan is to set off east from the stone at a leisurely pace carrying, amonst our opcorn: sarnies, mars bars, lucozade and corn plasters, an event log book. All that will be required to log an attendance is to put your name in the log book. In order to assist achieving this I'm currently negotiating with a tracking company to provide online positioning for the group :socool: so interceptors can see where we are so, in conjuction with a published route, can plan where to meet. :coffee:

    If you're interested in walking with us let fraggle69 or myself know as soon as possible so we can determine whether we would like you to be in our gang! I'll submit the event for posting as soon as I've got five minutes spare from chasing concrete pillars!

    The way I understand it, given frag's Feb 09 commitment, the likelyhood is that he'll not be stopping when he reaches Ravenscar but will continue walking east! hmy:

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    fraggle69 Guest


    Yeah to the pub :cheers:!
    For this walk, we're requested to keep the party numbers to no more than 10. I believe there's only three or four places left if you wish to join us, you'll have to be quick.

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