GPS compatible location data for surviving OS pillars is now freely available from a variety of sources such as here or the excellent Open Source mapping here . But I've found comparable information about the many destroyed pillars and miscellaneous bits of surveying furniture is harder to come across, so I've put together a file containing as much detail as I've so far managed to piece together.

I've uploaded a .csv file to a new 'OS Extras' folder in the 'Files' part of the yahoo Trigonomy group. It is aimed mainly at users of Garmin etrex GPS receivers (such as etrex Vista/ Legend etc) who want to store this information on their handset without being restricted to using the limited numbers of 'Waypoints' available. The file contains 4 columns (Lon, Lat, Name, Description)and so can be dumped straight into Garmin's POI loader. Also included are a .bmp file to go into the POI with the main file, and an .xls spreadsheet with running totals for the various categories included. I'm fairly sure that the data could be uploaded to other GPSr brands without too much trouble.

Currently included in the file are location data for:

Active Stations 144
Berntsen 99
Block 14
Bolt 94
Buried Block 4
Centre 1
Concrete Ring 6
Curry Stool 9
FBM 204
Fenomark 2
Ferrule 1
Gravity FBM 4
Non-OS Pillar 15
OSPillarExtant 26
OSPillarMissing 483
Rivet 130
Surface Block 202
Trig Station 10

giving a total of 1448. Much of this data is derived directly from TUK , Bench-Marks or the OS . It's been jigged about a bit with GSAK . I will be updating the file to cover as much of the passive stations database as I can find sensible coords for at a later date.
There will very possibly be a number of inconsistencies or inaccuracies - please let me know of any that you spot, or indeed any other suggestions or comments.