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    Stealthgoth Guest


    I watched the Countryfile programme last Sunday and they had a feature of a video diary. They also said that they were looking for people who would like to do a video diary for the Countryfile programme.

    Given some recent posts about publicity I thought that this programme and it's audience would be a good target for geocaching. Here are some of the reasons that I can think off:
    1) raising awareness with farmers and land owners about geocaching and we can get the GAGB contact details on the BBC website.
    2) People who watch this programme are usually already involved in the countryside and would respect the countryside and not just thrash about.
    3) National coverage

    The information can be found on the BBC Countryfile website.
    Any volunteers?????

    StealthGoth B)

    'Eagles may soar high in the sky, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines'

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    Mr & Mrs Hedgehog Guest


    Mr H is a publicity hoare, having been on TV, radio, newspapers and the BBC website (not the Crimewatch pages before you ask :P ) but thinks there might be other people in a better position then him.

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