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Thread: Virtual Swag Trading - Always trade up!

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    Default Virtual Swag Trading - Always trade up!

    I found a link to this story about One Red Paperclip on one of the other forums... and it got me thinking... (always a dangerous move)

    Why can't we get that to work on this thread?

    Here's the deal - I'll start the ball rolling by offering up an item for trade. A great item that I'm willing to trade. Anyone can make me an offer of something they'd be willing to trade for it. Be creative - Really sell your item! - You have to convince me that your swag is the best trade.
    When I've received 3 different offers from 3 different people, I'll decide to do a swap and virtually hand over my item in return for theirs. Then it's time to make offers again...

    OK. The first item is
    this very attractive WHSmiths Fineliner felt tip pen which I have here on my desk. One careful owner. It's only drawn about 10 ft of lineage, because I only use it to mark Events in on my calendar, and now I have a red biro that I use instead.
    So.... Who wants to trade? Any offers?

    (Yes, I know this is a totally daft idea, but it's a change from Word Association, isn't it? )
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