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Thread: Isle of Man cachers - can you help search dogs?

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    Default Isle of Man cachers - can you help search dogs?

    Hi Manxies (& comeovers & stopovers....)

    I have recently been appointed 'Bodies Liaison Officer' for the Isle of Man Search dogs (SARDA IOM). It means I have the job of finding willing volunteers to go out and hide for the search dogs. I do it myself with my 10 year old son, but we desperately need more volunteers. As Geocachers tend to be 'outdoors types', I wondered if anyone could help me? If you could just commit to one evening a month, or a half day on a weekend, we would be very grateful. One of the dogs has an assessment due in November, so could really do with getting out searching at least twice a week.

    I can be contacted through this forum - please leave me a message or PM .

    Thanks in advance


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    Bump... Just bringing this back to the top - maybe someone out there can help?
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