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Thread: Country Ways

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    Look, it might be sad to some, and I don't care.

    I was vegging out in front of the TV (yes I'm allowed to sometimes) with a nice glass of Barsac : and the programme "Country Ways" was on. They were doing an article on Lymington. One of the features was a guy who made a living out of making sculptures etc out of steel. Amongst the items they showed was a magnificent lifesize (?) mermaid (Merman, do you know her ? ). Also shown were a few items from nature, like a grasshopper and some other "buggy" type things.

    I remember being told that the Travel Bugs released by HCC at the event were made by a guy from Lymington.

    Looks like that must be him.
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    Yes, it is the same person who made the HCC travel bugs. His name is Michael Turner.

    When I went to his workshop, the mermaid wasn&#39;t there but he showed me a picture of it.

    His workshop was full of amazing creations.


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