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Thread: Channel Islands maps needed..

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    Default Channel Islands maps needed..

    Hi everyone!!

    I am in need of a mapset of the Channel Islands for this weekend, 27 / 28 / 29 Sept... Is there a cheap alternative to the Garmin uSD cards that I can upload on my 60CSx? I only need the data for the weekend, so spending over 100 aint an option for me, especially as I already have Garmin Topo v2.....

    Thanks in advance,
    Mr Rampton Broadmoore Esq.

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    When we went a couple of years ago before we left home we plotted the caches on Google Earth and used the free (then) tourist map to find our way around, only using the Legend for the last part of the hunt. This worked out well as we found all we had time for.

    There are some excellent caches on the island, especially those by the Jersey Royals. We really rated the experience, hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


    Edited to add that Jersey had by far the best caches when we were there.....
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    Cheers for the info, but I was hoping to find some kind of map that would work on my 60CSx.. I was gonna buy the City Nav micro SD card from GPSONLINESHOP, but it looks like they've ceased trading for what ever reason....

    Oh well, looks like I'll be lugging the Nuvi along as well!!


    edit.... I've just played EBAY, and my wallet screamed in agony!
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    I know this is too late for you, but for future reference if anyone's going to Guernsey and doesn't want to shell out on a GPSmap then you can go 'oldskool' and buy the 1:25000 map from Digimap Guernsey The only problem is that your GPS probably won't accept the 'Guernsey Grid' system that the gridlines are drawn to, so you'll have to draw in the UTM30 gridlines with a ruler and set your GPS to that to convert the cache position into something you can get close to with the map. The majority of caches are on or close to the cliffpath so the freebie tourist map will probably suffice. The 1:25k map is due to be replaced later this year, possibly with a 1:15k version which will be easier to read.
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