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Thread: S6632 M O S Eastriggs visit?

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    Sagina nivalis Guest

    Default S6632 M O S Eastriggs visit?

    I spoke to the MOD security guy today about a visit to Eastriggs and he said to write in. If possible I'll arrange for a small group visit, if anyone else is interested. We would need to be security-cleared. This was the case with the Porton Down visit a few years ago, and probably also RAF Alconbury.

    Quite an interesting site - it has its own narrow-gauge railway hence is apparently sometimes visited by other anorakists. Fingers crossed, it might just work .... PM me if you'd like to go on the Hopefuls list.


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    Sagina nivalis Guest

    Talking Eastriggs visit is ON

    A visit to this "MOD Trig" in southern Scotland can indeed be arranged . It would have to be a weekday. I have pencilled in Fri 31 Oct / Fri 28 Nov.

    We will be accompanied by the site manager hence no prior security clearance is required, just a valid passport or drivers licence.

    Anyone interested, let me know and I'll confirm a date and time. If unable to make those particular dates, let me know anyway.

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    Too far away, travel wise

    But, Good Luck, I hope the visit works out!
    I have a Geocaching problem...
    Work gets in the way!

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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Visit is set up for 28 Nov. No news yet on Kinniny Braes but hope to set up for same day.

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    Pyoung1s Guest


    Excellent choice of date Rob. I'm in Catterick for a military driving event over weekend 22/23rd so with your date on 28th I've just booked holiday and am now planning to head across! :socool: Please keep me fed with your plans! opcorn:

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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Hi Paul, I was just about to confirm final names / numbers so will see if I can sneak you onto the list Pumpkin smilies! Bah humbug.

    PS cheers for the Basingstoke FBM contact info - spot on

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    Sagina nivalis Guest

    Default Eastriggs visit now closed

    I managed to sneak you in, Paul, but have promised not to change the list of names again. So the trip is now closed.

    I think Clochandighter is considering setting up another trip at a later date, during school hols.


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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Just for the record, it didn't happen. Someone high up in the MoD pulled the plug with less than 2 weeks to go. Daresay things will change there in time - for the better or worse ....

    What we need is someone with OS connections

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    ted Guest


    I was beginning to think that you were prevented from telling us the outcome under the Official Secrets Act hmy: Sorry to hear that the plans were thwarted.


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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Thanks Ted. One of the ladies in the party tried to sweet-talk an Eastriggs employee she met in the pub, but even that didn't work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sagina nivalis View Post
    Just for the record, it didn't happen. Someone high up in the MoD pulled the plug with less than 2 weeks to go.
    I take it there was no reason offered?

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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Apparently just that we weren't from the OS hence had no "reason" to go in. Evidently narrow gauge railway enthusiasts have been in there in the past (check the web) but things have tightened up. He said a group from Ireland had also been turned away at the same time as us.

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    Surely we can't be considered less resonable than narrow gauge railway enthusiasts?

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    Sagina nivalis Guest


    Guess they just asked at the right time

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