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Thread: New cache on archived site?

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    Zpyder Guest

    Default New cache on archived site?

    I have a query regarding what would be deemed best practice.

    I'm fairly new to geocaching, with only 35 finds since the end of jan this year, and have only just now started to think of placing my own caches in my local area.

    One of the caches I almost found (I found it, but it was meant to have 3 pre-req stages before you could open the padlock, so I didn't sign the log etc) was archived due to the placer moving away, before I could complete the other stages. The location is excellent, is on public land, and has some good scenery. As such it's a typical ideal site.

    I emailed the placer a few months ago enquiring over putting a new cache at the site but heard nothing. I was wondering what the best practice is, a new cache would mean people would have to return to the location to sign the log. However the cache might be different, EG, the original was a tupperware box, the new one might be a camouflaged micro, providing a new challenge!

    Any thoughts on this, should I perhaps seeks a nearby location that is in the area but not the exact same spot maybe?

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    As the cache has been archived the site is "open" again for placing a new cache. Feel free to place your planned cache.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Hornet View Post
    As the cache has been archived the site is "open" again for placing a new cache. Feel free to place your planned cache.

    Just one thing to be aware of, though: That old cache has been archived so you don't have to worry about it. However, since it was archived it is possible that some other cacher may have placed a multi or mystery cache in the area and used the site for their final hidden location. Unless you have found all the caches in the area, you might not be aware of the final hidden location, but your Reviewer will be.
    Any new, physical cache that you want to place must be at least 528 ft from any other physical part of any other cache in the area.

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    Zpyder Guest


    Thanks for the info.

    The cache in question was the final cache in a multi-cache. Other caches in the series were all over the Bournemouth/Poole area and they each contained a digit for a combination lock to gain access to the cache in question.

    When I visited it, I was just out walking but had my GPS with me, and noticed I was walking past the cache, so I had a look. The padlock chain had broken, but I left it be. I posted a maintenance note, but soon after the cache was archived as the user had moved away. As far as I know, looking in google earth, there are no caches within at least 2500ft of the area in question, but I won't know for sure until I go out there and check the exact location.

    I've also re-emailed the original placer just to see if I can find out the landowner or any specifics. It's be nice to make the cache some kind of legacy of the original, even if it is just a micro with a logbook, it can mention the original cache etc!

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    Yes, as others have already said, the spot's yours! I was offered a particular location by Dave of The Wombles when he archived a cache of theirs, as it's very near my home, but if anyone else had got in before me there would have been nothing I or he could have done about it.

    His cache was a traditional, and I set a multi, which meant that people who'd done the original saw parts of the area that they wouldn't have seen before. It sounds as if your location is suitable for a reasonably-sized container, so you might want to think about making yours a multi - a lot of people don't like micros in places where it's possible to hide a regular container.
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    I'd second Bill's comment.... Please think of using a larger container if possible

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    No problem. I'd agree with the sentiment, large containers are nice. I hate micro's, so I don't know why I want to place one! I think part of it's being a bit vengeful/vindictive, I'm quite pleased with the camouflage, and so feel evil in the sense of placing my own micro to get my own back! But I will save it for a small location or somewhere more likely to get muggled than this spot!

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