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Thread: Darn Tupperware!

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    Question Darn Tupperware!

    Hi There, as a relative newbie, can anyone out there recommend a good source of snap lock boxes?
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    Wilkinsons have a good selection of snap lock boxes.. Prices from about 90p and up..

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    I usually get mine from Matalans
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    Thank you to both of those suggestions, I shall send the missus out tomorrow!

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    If you are close to a morrisons they have their lock and lock on 1/2 price at the moment. Can recommend their boxes. :wub:

    PS The 4 way lock and lock are much better than the type with the dark blue snaps down each side - The only 4 way L&L we have had to fix have been where stuff has gotten in the seal - we have had to replace several of the dark blue snap ones in the past few months

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