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Thread: Web Design - help/advice

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    MoonHerb Guest


    I am a professional web developer and as such I can offer help and advice in this field.

    I can help /advise in the following fields :

    3d (3DS MAX, Bryce)
    B) Video Editing (Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects (Limited skills &#33)
    :unsure: HTML
    : Web Databases
    :P Hosting

    Looking forward to hearing from you . . .

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    Lance Ambu Guest


    Originally posted by MoonHerb@Aug 27 2003, 08:42 AM
    I can help /advise in the following fields :

    3d (3DS [/U]MAX, Bryce[/U])
    [/U]I remember now, wasn't he a Welsh comedian song writer type of bloke ?

    Seriously though - web hosting!
    Is there a free web space provider that allows some of the frontpage extensions, scripting, counters, logs or is that the preserve of pay services.

    Only asking, cos my tiscali account doesn't allow anything useful that I can see.

    Please note I did [/U] deliberately to show my mastery of this subject

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    MoonHerb Guest


    You may be able to find a host that offers Frontpage extentsions but you're right, you'll probably have to pay for it.
    The other downside about free hosting is they nearly always put adverts on your site which can be really annoying.

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    seifer Guest


    Coming soon will be, free 10mb web hosting with cgi, php, frontpage extensions , no ads and the rest...coming soon though!!!

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