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Thread: Printing Web Pages

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    Default Printing Web Pages

    I don't print off cache pages very often as im mostly paperless. I have just found this page
    It lets you select items on the page and only print them off. Useful if doing a cache that has lots of picture clues. You can use it to filter adds out etc.
    There is a firefox add called Aardvark that does a similar thing.
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    I use a PDA now, but I used to print everything, which I did by the painfully slow method of copying and pasting the relevant stuff from each listing page. These two would have made so much difference...!
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    I am mostly paperless but I still tend to print off pages for Multis, Earth caches and if there are complicated ALR's. As I am on Firefox I've just tried Aardvark and it looks as though it'll be a whole lot easier than pasting the whole page into Open Office (I gave up on Gates' offering a long time ago) and editing it for printing.

    Thanks for the heads up on these.

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