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Thread: GLAD and links

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    Default GLAD and links

    Its a good list however it would be helpfull if there was a link to at least one cache sited in each the area to enable quick and easy searches (not necessarily accurate but enough to let people know they are planting caches in the area)

    If these caches were bookmarked it could also help newbies.

    What do we think ?
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    The Land Agreements database is being overhauled at the moment to allow the committee to continue to update it.

    That sounds like a very good suggestion. I will see if I can implement something like that. It may take a bit of time for the older agreements to have a cache linked to from them but its something that would be easy to add to new agreements.

    Thanks for the great idea.
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    What Ian said.
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    I've just started listing the appropriate region for each Agreement [where it's not national] and will pass it over to the committee when completed. It's been delayed as I did have half the list done but lost all the details

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